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At Oasis Church we believe that everyone is a leader. While you may not realize it, everyone has a group of people that they have a great deal of influence over–a “circle of influence.” As followers of Christ, we want to leverage the influence we have in our circles to bring people into the circle of Oasis Church and a solid relationship with Christ.

This is the idea behind our “Circles” small groups that meet each week. These groups of people meet in homes to share a meal together, spend time in the Scriptures, and talk about life together. It is easy to get lost in the shuffle on Sunday mornings, but the Circles are a great way to get to know people and build strong, lasting relationships with others.

We also understand that it can be intimidating trying to get into an unfamiliar group. That is why we are always striving to create new “on-ramps” into the Circles of Oasis Church. One of these on-ramps in the Welcome Circle, a small group hosted at Oasis Church on Tuesday nights for select 6-week periods. This Circle is led by our Lead Pastor, Dr. Marcus Buckley, and his wife, Lea Ann. This 6-week class will help you to become familiar with both our Circles concept and meet new people just like yourself. This Welcome Circle is not only an on-ramp for 6-weeks, but it will lead to the formation of new Circles that launch out from it.

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