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What is it?

“Test Drive” is an opportunity for you to pick an area of ministry happening at Oasis to give of your time and talents.  This is a one-time commitment for anyone to tryout a serving opportunity.  No strings attached; for one time you simply give it a shot.

Two myths that keep somebody from serving:

#1.  You can have too many people helping: No one in their right mind would say, “I don’t want any more Godly adults having an influence on my child and investing into their lives.”  Or, “Too many people greeted us and made us feel completely welcome this morning.  They were too friendly and answered all my questions before I could ask them.  I hated it.”  The truth is with too many people serving, everyone is able experience first hand God’s love and no one gets overlooked.  The worst thing would be not enough people gave of their time and talents and people showed up to church and missed out on receiving God’s love from his people.    


#2.  The need is one sided:  I hear this all the time, "I don’t want to sacrifice being fed to serve for one hour."  Being fed is crucial to the Christian life.  But if all we do is eat and never use our “stored up energy” to serve then we are in danger of being a “gluten” spiritually.  If our people don’t experience serving the body then they are missing out on some important blessings that God has for them.  We must serve for our spiritual well-being as much as for the spiritual well-being of others.            

If you're interested, sign up here:

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