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9am & 10:30am

At Oasis, it's our hope that you don't only attend - but participate and become connected.

One of the best ways to do this is by joining a group. Below you'll find the various groups we offer and their description. If you'd like to know more about joining a group, call or text (386) 366-2097.

Oasis Young Adults

Oasis Young Adults (or "OYA") is a group for all young adults ages 18 through late 20s. They meet Thursday nights, 6-8pm at various locations. A typical night includes dinner, digging into God’s Word, and fellowship!

For addresses and updates, join the Facebook group!

Marriage Group

Whether you’ve been married for a long time, are newly married, or considering marriage, we invite you to be a part of future cohorts of the Oasis Marriage Group.

Everything needs to be tuned up occasionally, and this bi-annual class will help you better understand yourself and your partner. 

Grief Group

This group is for those who are reckoning with the loss of a loved one or close friend. It holds space to work through the pain of grief and to process the emotions of bereavement. It's a safe place to begin to heal.

Grief Group is currently on hiatus for the summer. We'll offer a new iteration this coming Fall.  

Men's Group

The last round of men's group wrapped up in early March - but will be back! While meeting, we gathered over food, teaching, and conversation. We discussed what it means to take on the qualities of a Godly men, the hope being that we walked away feeling encouraged and connected. 

Women's Group

The last round of women's group wrapped up in early November - but will be back! Women's group is open to all ladies from Oasis and beyond. While meeting, a gathering included a time of fellowship over snacks and drinks, a video teaching, and a time for discussion and mingling. Stay tuned for the next installation of Women's Group!

Small Groups

One of the best ways to connect is by joining a small group. Small groups eat together, learn God's word, pray for and help each other, and practice how to love one another. We have several mixed groups of couples and singles who gather together at various homes around the area throughout the week. 

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